SSX slings

Xtreme Cover made with covers woven with Dyneema® yarns

Covers woven with Dyneema® yarns provide the ultimate protection for slings, and have the highest resistance to cuts and abrasion. Dyneema® is a synthetic material that protects your load while protecting your sling at the same time. This sling is specifically designed to be used on loads with sharp edges.

Durability: Dyneema® fibers are produced from polyethylene and do not contain any aromatic rings nor any amide, hydroxylic or other chemical groups that are susceptible to attack by aggressive agents. The result is a highly crystalline fiber with excellent resis­tance to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV light and microorganisms.

 Red warning yarns in SSX Sling

Made with covers woven with Dyneema® yarns

SSX sling

Wear pads made with Dyneema® yarns flipping a mold

High Energy Absorption: Dyneema® fibers can absorb extremely high amounts of energy. This property is utilized in products for ballistic protection, but this makes the fiber equally suited for products such as cut-resistant gloves, motor helmets and to improve the impact strength of laminated boat hulls. ln these applications not only the high tenacity is used but also the high energy absorption.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark.

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