High Performance Wire Ropes

Contact us for the replacement of your crane cable. Several options are available for all your needs. Below you will find multiple applications for the high performance wire ropes.


Ben-Mor is a proud and authorized stocking distributor of

Main Hoist - Non-Rotating

Construction: 35x7, TK16, TK17, TK18 & TK27

Diameter: 8mm to 32 mm*

Grade: 1960 & 2160

*Other diameters available upon request.

Boom Hoist

Construction: 8x19, 8x26 & P9

Diameter: 6mm to 50mm

Grade: 1960 & 2160

Lay direction: available in left and right

Plastic filled core: available

Other options available on request: grade, reversed core, special lubrication, rotary swaged, etc.

Leverage our bespoke services for more information on these products!