Wear Pads

Wear pads

All Super Slingers shall be used with wear pads. Using wear pads will protect your investment of a high performance sling as well as lower risk of accidents or injuries. There are many options available with qualities varying from good to ultimate.

Xtreme Tubing

Xtreme wear pads provide the Ultimate protection against abrasion. These wear pads are specifically designed to be used on loads with sharp edges.

Tube Xtreme

Armour Tubing

Armour wear pads are a great solution to abrasive surfaces. These wear pads will prolong the life of the sling.

Armour Tube

Ballistic Nylon

Ballistic Nylon wear pads offer extensive protection to the sling.

Ballistic Nylon

Corner Wear Pad

These wear pads are necessary when lifting around sharp corners. The bulky protection pad ensures that the sling will not be damaged.

Cornor Wear Pad 1Cornor Wear Pad 2

Velcro Ties

Velcro ties hold the wear pad in place.

Velcro ties

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