Lifting beams

Lifting beams

Custom Made Certified Spreader and Lifting Beams

All lifting and spreader beams manufactured by Saturn Industries are engineered to the highest quality standard and conform to ASME B30 20 standards. All products are labeled with working load limits and serial numbers. Spreader and lifting beams are used to stabilize and support a load during an overhead lift. This allows keeping the lifting slings below the device at or near a 90┬░ angle. Both spreader and lifting beams help prevent damage to the load, damage to rigging hardware and lifting slings. Also, these devices help keep the slings from sliding during the lift.

What is the difference between a lifting beam and a spreader beam?

Lifting beams are rigid steel beams designed to support the complete load at one central lifting point, which generates a downward force and as a result, lifting beams are in general heavier. The main benefit of lifting beams is the substantially reduced headroom required to perform the lift.

Spreader beams consist of a long bar, held by a sling, that holds two slings apart. From a loading standpoint, it converts the lifting loads into compressive forces in the beam, and tensile forces in the slings. They are typically smaller and lighter than lifting beams, but they require more headroom to accommodate the overhead slings.